Colored Eyeliner Ideas

Colored eyeliner ideas- you don’t experiment with that? Wrong thought! Our darling is pimped up – because colorful eyeliner is the keyword and finally brings momentum into our morning routine.

Colored Eyeliner Ideas

For many women it is THE beauty product to spice up their make-up look quickly and easily – even for those who prefer to put on make-up discreetly or almost not at all. Of course we are talking about eyeliner! We may make a bigger wing, but experiment properly – no such thing! Somehow you rarely dare to jump over your cosmetic shadow and test a colored eye look. This trend wave is just in time to give us the little push in the right direction again. Because colored eyeliner ideas – whether in purple, pink or royal blue – are very popular this summer.

Colorful eyeliner can be so subtle

But don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be the neon liner! After all, you have to feel this shocker – in a positive sense – for all beginners, a dark purple, blue or brown is perfect and makes a nice difference to the classic black eyeliner style.

This eyeliner best suits your eye color

You should primarily choose the complementary color for your eyes – by the way, this also applies to your eyeshadow. This means that beautiful shades of blue and purple go well with brown eyes, shades of red with green eyes, and shades of yellow, copper and gold go perfectly with blue eyes.

So your eyes look even more charming

By the way, you can easily put a glitter eyeliner over your colorful eyeliner, you already have an exciting party look and are the eye catcher of the evening.

Our favorite: For a blurry eyeliner, first use the normal, black eyeliner and put a heavily pigmented eyeshadow over it. Now just blend the transition with a brush so that the two parts mix – the look is done!

Believe us, once you’ve started using colorful eyeliner, you can’t stop raving about it. We are already obsessed and you?