red lipstick makeup

Red-haired women are a priori a focus of attention in a crowd of people. And if the make-up is supplemented with red lipstick makeup, the image is fire, not otherwise. But between the bright and vulgar onions is a fine line. Having gone into the wrong color type shade, you risk looking ridiculous, defiant. The … Read more

red lipstick tips and tricks

Red lipstick tips and tricks … it drives crazy not only men, but also women, making lips beautiful and sexy. Red color attracts attention, is the color of passion, energy. This color is most often chosen by leaders, not every girl dares to paint her lips red and be in plain sight. But red lipstick … Read more

nudes lipstick

For the second year in a row, lipstick has been taking pride of place in a woman’s cosmetic bag. Nudes lipstick is widely in demand not only in everyday life, it is used in the make-up of stars of show business, at fashion shows, photo projects. The desire to look naturally traced in all areas … Read more

lip makeup

Lip makeup – one of the accents of female appearance, the most sensual, sexual part of the face. Pay attention to the work of professional makeup artists. Lips are always given special attention. And here it is not only about color. Creating the perfect form and texture, make-up artists take into account many subtleties and … Read more

Permanent Lip Makeup

Perfect shape, bewitching bends, rich color and good volume – this is exactly how every beauty wants to see her lips. To achieve this effect, an infinite number of lipsticks, paints, glitters and other attributes of women’s cosmetics bags were invented. But all of these options are short-lived. On average, lipstick lasts on the lips … Read more

eyeshadow textures

eyeshadow textures

Between compact eyeshadows, with a cream texture or even powder, your heart is swinging? Difficult to navigate with all the varieties of existing products. Do not panic, we give you the keys to know what type of eyeshadow to choose. Creamy eyeshadows Cream-textured eye shadows seem more practical to apply. In reality, this type of product is more … Read more

Eyeshadow Finishes

eyeshadow finishes

At the time of makeup or buying any beauty product, sometimes you have the doubt if the color will be appropriate. Therefore, it is important to know some basic tips to choose the right eye shadow finishes according to your type and skin pigmentation. Eyeshadow Finishes Type In the market there are countless pallets and brands constantly make new releases. It is possible … Read more