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Pencil delineation offers less precision on the line than gel or marker, but in return, you can play a lot with colors and brightness effects. The hardness or creaminess of the pencil , choose a pencil that you find comfortable on the eyelid. Avoid very...

Eyeliner Images

On January 17, 2020

Let's be honest: Preparing for eyeliner images Halloween can go one of two ways. While some of us wait until the day before making important decisions, we all have that friend who prefers.

The treatment can be done in both women and men, achieving an increase in the density of the eyebrows in the most unpopulated areas, being able to wear more uniform and attractive eyebrows, thus strengthening the beauty of the face. Natural or tattooed eyebrows? This is the...
A good eyeliner is able to enhance the expressiveness and attractiveness of a look, allowing a more or less intense makeup according to our preferences. Among the cosmetics indicated for this, we find the gel eyeliner an ideal alternative for those women who do not have a perfect pulse to...
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