Eyeliner For Round Eyes

Eyeliner For Round Eyes

As a good makeup lover, you surely know that each one has a different eye shape and that we should put on makeup according to this. This time we will learn how to make up round eyes or eyeliner for round eyes. We will start with basic makeup notions to get the most out of your eyes and finally we will share expert tips to … Read more

how to apply eyeliner pencil?

Pencil delineation offers less precision on the line than gel or marker, but in return, you can play a lot with colors and brightness effects. The hardness or creaminess of the pencil , choose a pencil that you find comfortable on the eyelid. Avoid very creamy pencils that end up melting into the skin because … Read more

how to apply liquid eyeliner?

Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner and get a look intense and very seductive . If you normally opt for the eyeliner because you find it much easier to use, discover how to use the liquid eyeliner with a few simple steps . The first thing is to acquire a quality eyeliner so that our makeup is perfect, then you just need a little practice and follow the advice we give you … Read more

Does Eyeliner Go On Before Mascara

Does Eyeliner Go On Before Mascara

Do you want to have an impactful look? Follow these tips! We focus on eye makeup and give you tips on the cosmetics we should use and how to use them.   While natural beauty is the best attribute of women, there are times when it is necessary to fix a little more and for this we can make … Read more

White Vs Black Eyeliner

white vs black eyeliner

I hope you are having an excellent start to the week (I know today is the second day) but it is never too late to make good vibes … This post excites me a lot since, until a few months ago I didn’t know that I could use the white eyeliner for various things when … Read more

Eyeliner For Every Eye Shape

Eyeliner For Every Eye Shape

Have you seen an eye makeup tutorial that you loved and when trying it the result has not been as expected? Many times it is not that you are not skilled enough or that you do not have the necessary skill to make up, it is that the technique you use is not suitable for your … Read more

Eyeliner Images

eyeliner images

Let’s be honest: Preparing for eyeliner images Halloween can go one of two ways. While some of us wait until the day before making important decisions, we all have that friend who prefers to prepare costumes and reserve plans months in advance. If you are old school, you will be delighted to discover simple Halloween looks that require little or … Read more

Permanent Eyeliner Pros And Cons

permanent eyeliner pros and cons

The treatment can be done in both women and men, achieving an increase in the density of the eyebrows in the most unpopulated areas, being able to wear more uniform and attractive eyebrows, thus strengthening the beauty of the face. Natural or tattooed eyebrows? This is the dilemma many women face. Micropigmentation or permanent makeup uses natural … Read more

Korean Style Eyeliner

korean style eyeliner tutorial Giving the eyes a unique and original style is for many women something they have always dreamed of. This is currently possible through the use of eye makeup techniques, especially using eyeliner. Glam Smokey | Korean Makeup Tutorials The slanted eyes are characteristic of Asian people, and many women like this type of features, … Read more

How To Do A Wing With Gel Eyeliner?

This is a new technique that is currently in trend , the angel wing liner is characterized by a very thick line delineation that ends in a figure that resembles the wings of an angel, as its name indicates. Being a very bold and striking design it is recommended to be used at night parties, important events or at parties where … Read more