How To Apply Blush On

how to apply blush on

Hello guys! How are you? Today we are going to give a little color to your cheeks with the blushers ???? Do you know how to apply blush on correctly? What shades are worn this season? What are the most recommended brands? If you want to know, don’t miss this post how to apply blush … Read more

Cream Vs Powder Blush

cream vs powder blush

Your makeup kit is not complete if there is no blush inside it. It is one of the basic cosmetics that you can not miss in your makeup routine because it works great. It makes you look younger and gives a more radiant look to your look. As if that weren’t enough, accentuate your features and shape your face. Can … Read more

Types Of Blushes

types of blushes

Do you have doubts if the blush that is in fashion is right for you? There are different types of blushes in the Market and it is very important to know how to recognize them to be able to choose the right blush according to our skin type and desired effect. Types Of Blusher The … Read more